Facial Hair Removal urdu ? Permanent And Temporary Methods

Looking good is not always easy because you’ll need to find out some things that you’ll need to keep your appearance pleasant and which products to use to maintain it. One of the most common problems of men and women nowadays is facial hair. This is basically more of a concern for most women since facial hair can really be undesirable when found at the wrong spot.

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There are two main types of facial hair removal, namely temporary and permanent. Under each type, there are several applications and processes involved.

Here are some of the temporary and permanent facial hair removal methods of today.
Temporary methods – This type of facial hair removal is often inexpensive since they only require simple solutions/products, and you will find them in many stores.
Epilation is a procedure that involves hair removal at the roots in which the result can last for several days to a few weeks. Epilation methods include plucking the hair out using tweezers. Removing unwanted hair on the surface of the skin can be done using hot or cold wax. A cloth or waxing strip can be used to strip off the wax and unwanted hair. Rotary epilators are also available. The hair is grabbed and pulled at the root using these electric devices.
Removing hair at the skin level is called depilation, and its result can only last up to a dew days. This method involves electric or manual shaving. Another temporary method to remove facial hair is to use a depilatory. This is actually a chemical that alters the hair structure for easy removal. Depilatory products may come in the form of gels, creams, roll-ons and lotions. These methods are highly available and inexpensive, and you’ll find them in many pharmacies and beauty stores.
Permanent methods – These types of facial hair removal may need you to visit a clinic/salon for treatment because these methods are more complicated compared to the temporary type.
Laser facial hair removal is a permanent method and it applies laser light to remove hair at the roots. Concerns about the expense and the required number of sessions are possible drawbacks.
Electrolysis is considered an almost permanent method and it is dreaded by many people because it can also be painful. The process of removing the hair at the root one at a time involves using electrical shock. Electrolysis requires a several sessions as well as a larger budget.
By understanding these methods, you will have an idea of each type. Select the type of method that will fit your needs and budget. It is also ideal to consult an expert prior to using any facial hair removal treatments.

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Facial Hair removal Problems in Urdu

Having facial hair is a problem many women around the world experience. Facial hair does not look good on women, yet it grows remarkably in some of us. It is not easy to find the right treatment for unwanted facial hair removal. And you may end up spending lots of money in laser treatments or electrolysis only to find out they don’t provide an optimal solution. Wouldn’t it be great to have your facial hair removed without getting appointments, without spending a fortune, and at the comfort of your own home? Any time of the day, any day of the week! Simple and practical!

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Here, I’ll briefly point out some facial hair removal options at home that women have. You need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of every hair remover system, in order to be able to choose the method that best suits your needs.

–          Facial hair bleaching:

If you grow very soft and thin, yet dark, facial hair, bleaching it may be a painless, temporary solution. Even though this method doesn’t take your hair away, it can make it appear less noticeable. When bleaching, you lighten the color of your facial hair to a light shade of blonde. The results last from 2 to 6 weeks.

–          Facial hair shaving:

Many women consider it as the worst possible solution! You see how men shave themselves almost every day, and they end up with a shadow at night? You don’t want that, believe me! When shaving, you cut the hair, so it will become more noticeable every time. Shaving is the way to turn an already awkward problem into a much worse situation.

–          How about waxing?

Since the face is one of the most annoying areas for undesired hair on women, the longer the hair removal effects last, the better the method! In this way, we can recommend waxing your facial hair. It can last weeks at a time, and it’s not time consuming. Cream wax for sensitive skin is ideal for applying in your face since it will diminish the redness. Of course, the main con of this method is that it can be quite painful, and it may also cause many side effects.

–          Tweezing:

This is the ideal method for women who have only some isolated hairs. There’s no need to wax them, you can easily remove them with tweezers. It is a quick, yet painful method of unwanted facial hair removal at home. Make sure you have good lights in order to spot every hair.

–          Heat hair removal technology:

Probably one of the best options you have. Although it may be time consuming sometimes, it is completely painless and if used properly, it can reduce hair growth significantly.

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